Dec 4, 2011

Potholder (Frenzy) #2

Do you know the expression about one's eyes being larger than one's stomach?  We use that saying a lot around my house especially when we see the kids pile huge portions of food on their plates at meal time, sure that they won't be able to finish it all.  Well, when I blogged about knitting potholders for a charity vendor fair, I thought I would have the time (and energy) to knit several in at least three different styles.  Oh boy, were my eyes larger than my stomach hands and time would allow.

Sheep O' Wool in Aquamarine

Still, I managed to knit one and felt one and send them off to Larissa in time for her fair.

Sadly a crease developed in the felting process

You may recall that I've only felted one time before and while I find it a magical process, I'm not experienced enough to fall madly in love with the process.  Felting this potholder was easy peasy, but somehow, I find it too plain and maybe even boring. (It's okay, you can say so, too).

Ah well, I didn't have time to knit more than these two, but I was glad to have contributed even in this very small way.  If you want to see how spectacular the other donated potholders are, head over to Larissa's Stitch Marker group on Ravelry.  You'll be in awe!


  1. I agree with you about felting- I mean, if I'm gonna knit something AWESOME, it just doesn't seem worth it to purposefully shrink it. Maybe I just need to see the light?

  2. I think felting would be good for beginners to hide their mistakes, yeah?
    Many find dish cloths helpful. I have yet to make some for my ohana or for others, but I'm sure yours found a good home. I like the color!

  3. Well at least you made two :). I agree, I generally don't felt unless it is a very dull stitch pattern because too much detail is lost.