Nov 29, 2011

Potholder (Frenzy) #1

I'm pleased to say that I finished the first pot holder for the charity vendor fair that Larissa is participating in this coming weekend.  It's a very simple pattern that knits up quickly.  I highly recommend using double strands of 100% cotton which is what I did.

Cotton Ease in Violet

Large Basket Weave Stitch

If you're looking for a simple but pretty potholder pattern for your holiday gift list, try this one.  I knit this up in one afternoon.


  1. Love the pot holder, they do knit up so quick its nice for a change to have a project that will give almost instant finish gratification

  2. Awesome!
    I really love the in-progress pictures.

  3. Looks great! These would make wonderful gifts.

  4. Mmm. I love how clean and wonderful cotton looks when it is knit up. : )