Jan 5, 2012

An annual gathering

When Xavier was a teeny toddler, I took time off from working and stayed home with him. As many of you know, those early years are thrilling and numbing all at once.  I have so many incredible memories of those years and in those memories are three very special people I had the good fortune of making life-long friendships with.

Susanna, Daniel, and their daughter, Rosa, have been steady friends ever since Xavier and Rosa were a year old.  So close are we that Susanna is Miranda's godmother.  We have spent road trips together, family meals, and, of course, annual Christmas get-togethers.  This year was no exception.

Daniel with his hand-knitted gifts (Xavier Beanie and Felted Bowl)

We usually get together on Boxing Day (Susanna is British like Mark), but this year we celebrated a day late.  It was a rainy day in the city, and we couldn't have been cozier in their apartment, feasting on the most wonderful vegetarian dishes.

I love knitting them gifts as I know how much they appreciate them ... as artists and healers, they really get how much love goes into my knitting.  I knitted Daniel a Xavier Beanie (without stripes) in Cascade 220 which created a beautiful dense fabric.  For Susanna, I gifted her the Evelyn Cowl in lofty Berocco Alapaca, and Rosa got an original design which was a simple garter stitch cowl in cushy bulky wool

Rosa and Susanna

To me, this is what Christmas is all about -- sharing a meal and great conversation with the people you love.  Oh, and knitting them little special treats! 

When we kissed goodbye, Rosa sweetly told me that she had been waiting all holiday season to find out what I knitted for her and that she was thrilled with her new cowl.  I think she looks gorgeous in it!

M, X, and R


  1. Sometimes I feel as though when I gift people knitted objects that they don't usually appreciate them very much. But I can tell that your friends love their knitted gifts! Thanks for sharing : )

  2. So cool to see the new homes of the items you've shown us! And it looks like a cozy time indeed!

  3. That's so great! She looks great and looks like she loves the cowl.

  4. As you know, I have many photos of X & R as babies!! As toddlers! So small..so young and look at them now! Where does the time go? And Rosa is a part of our family - used to love the way Daddy called out her name..."ROW-SA"...:-)
    The knits look wonderful on them. Now...what is this about a felted bowl? Are you also "felting" now...a craft I am fascinated with!

  5. That is definitely what the holidays about right there, getting together with good friends and enjoying one another. The Evelyn cowl looks great! Lucky friend.

  6. I love the bowl! it's adorable.

  7. It's certainly wonderful when our hand-knits are anticipated and appreciated.