Jan 24, 2012

My friend, the Mailman

I've been keeping my mailman especially busy these days, and I need to remember to give him an extra thank you the next I actually get to see him.  He usually delivers our mail while I'm at work so he sadly misses my happy dance.

Don't get me wrong .... I still love going to my LYS and shopping at yarn stores on my travels. I'm committed to supporting brick and mortar shops whenever I can.  But I'm also discovering a wealth of online indie shops that demand deserve my attention.  My post today though isn't about an indie shop (I'll post more about that soon).  Instead it's about great deals that I'm finding through Craftsy.  

I joined up about six months ago and while I don't subscribe to their online classes, I've been interested in the discounts they offer on select yarn.  Every few days I get an email about a yarn that is discounted in limited quantities, sometimes as little as 20% but sometimes as much as 50%. 

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of Cascade Yarns.  I've knitted my recent stash of beanies in 220 as I love the weight, texture, and colors of this yarn.  So, when I saw that Craftsy was offering a steep discount for Cascade 128, I knew I had to try it.  

I've been wanting to knit something in a chunkier weight and these four skeins are going to be perfect.  I thought the hue would be a bit darker, but I have too many dark shades in my wardrobe already.  I need to check the yardage but I'm thinking of knitting a raglan sweater with these skeins.  Any other suggestions?


  1. That yarn looks very lovely. I like the soft gray color a lot. I think it would look beautiful as a sweater, especially it it's for you. : )

    I also had no idea that craftsy showed yarn sales, what a good (but bad for the stash) idea!

  2. Love the yarn! I think grey is becoming the new black nowadays. Maybe the Owls sweater?

    I had never heard of Craftsy but it looks pretty interesting! I'm tempted by the skein of Bijou Basin yarn up there now :)

  3. Why is brand new, untouched yarn soooo satisfying? Maybe it is the unknown potentional that excites us!
    These are a few of my favourites these days - and they're free ><

  4. It looks beautiful. I would make it a cardigan. Anything would look classic in that color I think.
    But Darn you for linking to yet another place for yarn deals!!

  5. Nice score! I like the Cascade Superwash. Worked w/128 and forgot how soft it was.

  6. Wow, I'm so jealous! I love grey.

  7. Such beautiful yarn-and I don't know if you read on my blog recently or not, but I mentioned Cascade Yarns --I love that yarn and it is local to me---only about 10 minutes from my house! The beanies I knit from the yarn turned out so well. Another local yarn dyer to me is one you should check out online too--Her shop is called Fancy Image Yarn, and her DK is truly a treat to knit with.
    Most of what I have knit my granddaughters has been with it, and the best part is that it is washable.

  8. Lovely! I would do a cardigan too.

    I've just ordered yarn online for the first time ever :) I should borrow your idea and blog about it too.

  9. Again I am urging you to check out Wendy Bernard's Favorite Cardigan, It was a quick knit, had fun cables and ended up being a great shaped sweater.
    I have resisted buying yarn on Craftsy, but I joined and drooled over the bargains they had up that day! I have to get serious and finish up my WIPs, and then decide what some of my new stash wants to be before I get anything more in the way of fiber.
    I am feeling more and more like the girl who had to sping straw into gold in the Rumplstiltskin story, not enough hours in the day and I don't knit fast enough. Wah!

  10. I'm told grays are the new black--this will work up beautifully, whatever you decide to make.

  11. I like Annie's suggestions - go with the Shalom! It will look fabulous on you, plus it's a super quick knit. I've also queued it... another KAL?!

  12. I've made some fun accessories with Cascade 128 - hats, cowls, and scarfs. Have fun!