Jan 22, 2012


Since the new year, I've read that many of you have as a new year's resolution to finish projects before casting on new ones.  I admire that resolution although I know, for me, it's practically impossible.  Try as I might, I just can't seem to work on only one project (or two or three or ... you know what I mean).

I'm still working on my Autumnal Cardigan (much to Kiwiyarn's dismay, I'm sure, as she's my KAL partner and finished her Autumnal years ago -- or at least what feels like years ago).

I'm also in the midst of designing a cowl that I hope to release soon.  Knit in one of my favorite yarns, it's going along nicely but I'm only half-way done.

I also have on my needles a test knit that unfortunately hasn't been very successful and after frogging it back once, I'm facing the sad truth that I need to abandon it altogether and rewind my yarn for another project.  In a way, that's what test knitting is all about, right?  Helping a designer figure out what doesn't work so she or he can sort out the kinks.

So, while having a few different WIPs on my needles isn't exactly multi-tasking, I see it somewhat in the same way:  holding several projects aloft while tending to other things.  On a day like today when I have an entire afternoon free to do whatever I please, I know that I want to knit and to read.  Unfortunately, I'm not so clever as to successfully do both. I'm an avid reader, and I was feeling frustrated the other day when I had to choose which of my two loves to do -- knit or read.  And then I read Celtic Cast On's post about knitting while listening to an audio book.  As it happens, I was reading the same book that she was listening to and we've had a nice exchange about this novel.

Inspired, I got out Little Bee as an audiobook yesterday and am completely entranced.  It's not that I haven't tried audiobooks before, but I love the art of reading and have seldom enjoyed listening to a book as much as reading it for myself.  While I probably wouldn't be able to listen effectively if I were working on a complicated knitting project, I'm doing some vanilla knitting today so I'll be multi-tasking with glee after lunch.  What's my vanilla knitting for today, you ask?  The second sleeve of my Autumnal Cardigan!  Now, if only I could figure out how to knit, read, and cook at the same time....


  1. If anyone could knit, read, and cook at the same time it would be you, Evelyn. That cowl looks wonderful by the way!

  2. Would knitting, listening to an audio book and having a stew simmering in a pot be considered doing all 3 things? :-)

  3. Ooooo - I like the look of that cowl!

  4. hehe- I love that you are like me and have a million projects going at once. They are all lovely!
    I just checked out Little Bee, I have heard good things about it.

  5. Multi-tasking is totally fine, I do it all the time. I almost always have 2 projects going, one for the knit night at my yarn shop, and one just for down time. It's quite enjoyable to go between the 2. Good luck finishing up your cardigan! I am working on one too and it's taking forever.


  6. Looks like you're thinking pink! The cowl looks really pretty.

  7. Wooo hoooo enjoy the knitting/reading time :)

  8. Multi-tasking on tasks you love...pretty cool! It's that icky multi-tasking I dislike. Stuff like, working at the office, while trying to "supervise" house repairs from afar, while... Especially bad when you really want to do it sit and knit! The cowl look sweet. Criss-cross stitch (right?)

  9. I listened to Little Bee on audio as well. I loved it. I hated to turn it off at the end of my workday. It is a great book.
    It also looks like we share a favorite yarn. I got my first skein last weekend and I now have 2 skeins! It is soooo soft.

  10. I know; I wish I was an octopus sometimes so I could knit a few projects at the same time while reading.
    Yes, I can't leave a WIP hanging on the needles which is why I went back to my Sequoia cardi. I'm determined to finish it as well as get to that earflap hat.
    How did it work having a KAL partner?

    1. Well, my KAL partner has become a very special friend so the experience has been great.

  11. I read Little Bee, and it's such a beautiful novel... sorry to hear that your test knit didn't' work out! That's happened to me before when i was test knitting too.

  12. Let me know when you figure out how to do all 3 tasks,okay? ;) I am not an audibook girl,so I find myself choosing between reading and knitting all the time too. Your cowl yarn looks so yummy and I am excited to see your pattern--as I am sure it will be lovely!