Feb 13, 2012


I'm not one to really celebrate Valentine's Day.  It's a sweet idea but, over the years, it's gotten to be a bit too commercial for me.  I do love the idea of reminding our sweeties that we love them, and I do love the idea of giving our sweeties a small treat so this year I searched around for a simple heart pattern and found the perfect one.

Full O' Sheep wool

I knitted this cutie up in less than 30 minutes.  I can either felt it or leave it as is and with the small hole at the top, I can fill it with lavender or better yet, dark chocolate!

If you're looking for a quick pattern to knit up a few hearts for tomorrow, this just might be the perfect one to try.  And, as always, for me hand-made is heart-felt.  

Happy <3 Day to everyone! XO  


  1. Such a good idea, thank you for posting about it!

  2. oooh, chocolate is a wonderful idea!

  3. that is so cute!! I bet a bunch of them strung together would be a gorgeous garland.

  4. It's adorable! Perfect for the holiday. :)

  5. Very cute! I actually made a dog bone toy a couple of years ago using a similar pattern to that. Of course it got ripped to shreds about thirty minutes after it came off the needles, but it was good practice.

  6. Cute heart.
    It's not that big here in my crib either. I may go out to a highly Yelped pie place and buy some of their savory pies as I've been wanting to try them and my hubbie loves food. Their rustic berry pie was pretty good.

  7. Ohhh, I love the idea of filling them with lavender! Your projects are as beautiful as ever, wonderful work.

  8. great idea with the chocolate! I've knit this pattern before, too. It is the perfect simple heart. happy love day!

  9. Happy <3 Day to you too! Did you end up filling it?

    1. Yes! With caramel and peanut butter chocolates. I ended up being able to fit a dozen small wrapped chocolates in this heart so it ended up being quite a "sweet" gift. xo