Apr 6, 2012

Lucky me!

A week before my birthday, a package arrived from my dear friend Susan.  She always manages to send me a birthday gift well ahead of the actual day, and I love knowing that I have her package to look forward to.  This year was no different but I have to say that she really outdid her usual generosity and thoughtfulness.

Susan isn't a knitter but she knows of my obsession passion, and went to her LYS which happens to be run by a serious shepardess!  Look at what Susan bought me.

There are four skeins in this bundle -- first of all, I've never seen a bundle presented quite like this and I think it's amazing.

This is a combination of worsted, thick 'n thin, boucle, and silk.  The colors are stunning and I'm pretty much in awe.

Not only was this bundle in my package but Susan also added a pattern -- described as simple but not boring (I'll say!) -- and I'm looking forward to casting on soon.

I know how lucky I am to have so many wonderful friends.  Thanks, Susan, for always making my birthday extra special.  Happy weekend, everyone. xo


  1. That is so cool! I've never seen anything like it!

  2. I've never seen yarn like that before. It looks amazing! I'm almost tempted to try and make my own. I'm definitely inspired by this. And the pattern she sent you! Your friend is awesome!

  3. This certainly confirms it! ! !
    You Are A Birthday Gal ! ! ! !
    Can't wait to see this ?caplet? knit up,
    if, that is if you can bring yourself to undo these wonderful skeins.

  4. What a cool way of bundling the yarn together.

  5. Awesome gift. Not just yarn but a pattern along w/it also? Susan is a keeper bestie.

  6. lucky you indeed. what a colourful surprise!

  7. What a gorgeous gift! It is indeed, very special.

  8. Interesting yarn. Happy Birthday

  9. Gorgeous yarn, how exciting to try something new like that....we'll all be hanging on to see the results now, you mustn't keep your readers waiting you know!

    Hope you had a/have a good birthday!

  10. That is amazingly interesting yarn, I wish I could reach into my computer screen and give it a squish! What an amazing gift, I hope the rest of your birthday is equally as wonderful.