Apr 5, 2012


I'm lucky in that I get to knit at work.  Okay, not while doing my work but in meetings when I know it won't bother other people. While knitting my Mothed pullover the other day, a friend commented on the charms that were dotted throughout the piece. She wondered if they were like jewelry meant to adorn the sweater.

"No," I said, "they're stitch markers," which led to a puzzled face (yes, she is not a knitter) so I explained what stitch markers are used for. It got me thinking about how so many of us knitters use tools in our work that are really quite beautiful. 

As it so happens, yesterday the winner of my giveaway was Lisa, and over the last couple of weeks, Lisa and I had been in touch via Ravelry because I read on her blog that she's participating in Relay for Life, an event and fundraiser that raises awareness about cancer research. Part of her efforts involve selling her hand-made Hope Markers, and I jumped at the chance to help Lisa reach her goals.

I'm keeping these!

I got my three sets of stitch markers on my birthday (two large and one small), and I think they are absolutely beautiful. I already know one friend who I'll be gifting a set to, but I'm going to have to keep the other two sets for myself. These pretties will definitely charm my next project ... which I hope to cast on this weekend!


  1. Sweet! And it gets me thinking . . . why not knit in charms as we go along? Hmmmm . . .!

  2. I bought a mixed bag to make charm bracelets as part of my Christmas presents and used the spares to make my stitch markers. :) The Hope Markers you've got are gorgeous :)

  3. Very pretty!
    I used to get asked about my stitch markers all the time when I'd knit in class. Another tool often commented on, but not as pretty, was my circular needle. They'd ask "what are you making?"
    "A hat."
    "What's that cord thing? Is that going to stay in it? How are you going to get it out, cut it?"
    hee hee

  4. I love pretty stitch markers (as you know). They do indeed make it look like pretty jewellery in the knitting. So pretty! Enjoy your new stitch markers!

  5. Man, decorative st markers can become another addiction yeah?

  6. I've had the exactly same thing happen to me at least half a dozen times. "Are you knitting those bead things into the sweater?" "How will you get them out?" I'm glad I'm not the only one! Lisa does make some amazing stitch markers!

  7. I've always been into purely utilitarian stitch markers. Basically, plumber's O-rings. But these are most tempting!

  8. call me boring, but I actually prefer the plain rubber ones over the charms. yes, boring, I know!!! :)

  9. pretty stitch markers are so much fun, I definitely think they add a bit of beauty to a WIP. those are beautiful!