Apr 13, 2012

A Milestone

When I started Project: Stash last April, I was hopeful that it would be a place for me to keep track of my growing passion for knitting and fiber as well as a place for me to meet other knitters from around the world who share in my quest to become a better knitter.  My hopes were not only met but exceeded.  Tomorrow marks my one-year anniversary of Project: Stash, a milestone that has me beaming with delight. 

I've learned so much about knitting and creativity over the past 12 months, and I have each of you to thank for that. Even my mistakes and failures have inspired me although I'll admit that I have suffered with grumpy needles when that has happened.

To mark my anniversary, I decided to take stock and re-visit my stash and needles. Okay, I'm a neat freak/organization geek and proud of it. Over the last couple of days, I spent time photographing my out-of-control abundant stash and was a little embarrassed by the fact that I not only have one full chest of drawers but two large boxes of yarn as well. I swear I'm not a hoarder, and but I might need a little intervention here, friends. I uploaded all my stash onto Ravelry, and am truly amazed at what I have. The problem, which I bet many of you have, too, is the fact that I have small amounts of each yarn:  one skein here, two skeins there, but rarely a dozen skeins in one fiber to make a project larger than a pair of socks or a small shawl.
Berocco Ultra Alpaca
Cascade 220 
MadTosh in Midnight in Manhattan

I've come to only one conclusion:  I need to knit down my stash and as an anniversary challenge to myself, I will be knitting one-to-two skein projects until my stash is down to a reasonable inventory.  Let's see, I have 79 stashed skeins as of today so my goal will be to knit 12% of my stash (12 for each month that I've been blogging) which means that I need to knit 9.48 skeins of yarn.  I'll round that up to 10!

I'll cast on my first project tomorrow and welcome your favorite one-to-two skein pattern recommendations. I'm open to all levels of knitting: easy peasy to mind-boggling difficult. My hope is to get at least 10 different recommendations but if I get more, I may just keep this challenge going beyond my initial goal.  Thanks, everyone!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Your pink Cascade 220 immediately brought to mind this hat pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/topi. I made a few of these when the pattern first came out, and if I remember correctly, you can get 2 hats out of one hank of 220! So both you and Miranda could have one! It's a really fun pattern to make!

  2. Happy blogoversary! I'm so glad to have been able to tag along on your fiber adventures, and I cannot wait to see what the next year will hold!

    Also, this is such a great idea to try and reduce stash and also it is such a doable goal too! I'm a huge fan of colorwork projects to use up those random single skeins because you can make a larger project and it is colorful! An example of a pattern I really enjoyed is: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/opus-spicatum

  3. Ooooh, what an awesome way to start your blogiversary! I don't knit as much as I crochet, but a one skein project that I recommend is A Hat Fit for a Fella by Shana Kreikemeier: http://www.needyl.com/knitting/mens-cabled-hat-pattern/

    I know you love hats, so maybe you'd enjoy this too.

  4. I like this idea of knitting down the stash!!! Must join in.... The pattern I have been urging onto "anyone who will listen" is Braided Swirl Tam. I blogged about finding it at Stitch House one knit night. I have yet to knit anything so fun, addicting and unique. I also adore the Brattleboro Hat in New England Knits.

  5. First of all, ho'omaka'i on your first blogiversary! Doesn't a year go by fast?
    I would say for two skeins, a shawl or a scarf would work. One would be a cowl or a beanie or mitts maybe.

  6. That sounds like a plan! Now without going off your page I can't remember the name of the shawl I've not made but love.......I saw it when I went to purchase the pattern for my striped study shawl. It was Colour something!! By the same designer.... Now that's really helpful isn't it?! Your blue MadTosh would suit it perfectly......right I'm off to find the link.

  7. Ha, ha! I have it


    Go on, I want to see you make it, so I can be inspired once I finish my striped study!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Here's to the next year :)

    I suggest Dashing fingerless gloves or Felicity (which I think you've already made). The other Evelyn's Adorable fingerless mitts for small children are indeed adorable. If you have enough dk or slightly lighter you could do the Million Stripes Loop using a mixture of brands and colours.

  9. great challenge. I might need to take inventory too! right now my stash is tucked away in rubbermaid boxes - not a good system, but it keeps the clutter at bay.

    My fave 2 skein project is this one:

  10. Happy blogiversary! I love the Ashton shawlette as a 2 skin project for sock yarn!

  11. Such a great concept. I told myself that I would only knit with stash yarn all year, but I may break that very soon - I, like you, only have 1/2 skeins of every yarn - and I'm yearning to make a summer top! But congrats on the one year anniversary, I think it's amazing how much you have learned.

  12. What a fantastic goal! Over the years, I've felt the urge to knit down the stash only to have something like Rhinebeck come along! Though I will say, I'm not overflowing, and my boyfriend hasn't said a word about how much yarn I have, so I take that as a good sign!

  13. What about 198 Yards of Heaven? It looks perfect to eat up a skein of worsted.