May 1, 2012

It's Over

Yesterday marked the end of my month-long birthday celebration.  I know, can't you hear the violins playing? I got to visit Boston for the first time and meet fellow blogger and dear friend, Erinand received a generous pile of lovely gifts from Mark, Xavier, and Miranda including a new set of US10 Cubix square needles that I've been coveting (I'll do a separate product review post soon).

Aren't they pretty?

As a complete surprise, Andi sent me a little birthday package that arrived mid-way through the month. I was so touched that she wanted to help me celebrate my birthday in such a generous and thoughtful way.

Cascade Sport and Teas!

I haven't knit with Cascade Sport before, but I love Cascade 220 (who doesn't right?) so am excited to have these in my stash now. Considering that I'm on a yarn diet and doing very well, by the way, it's such a treat to add to my stash without guilt!  Thanks again, Andi -- you made my birthday extra special this year.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I bought myself a little gift, too, which is perfect for my new teas.  It's a Pugg and I love it!!  I got this one at the ICA in Boston, and it has a drop-in tea strainer so brews with tea bags and loose teas (the ones pictured here were given to me at Christmas by my lovely niece, Nikki).

It's raining here in NY today and I wish I could stay right here on my couch, with my new needles and yarn, my Pugg of tea, and a new pattern to knit but if I don't hurry up, I'm going to be late for work! This lovely scenario will have to wait until tonight.


  1. Those needles are so beautiful! I'm very interested to hear how you like them, because my mother-in-law was asking me about square needles, and I haven't used them.

  2. Oh my, those are some pretty needles! No wonder you wanted a pair for yourself! I'm also in love with your new tea pot, the color is just wonderful. What types of tea to you have there?

    1. The teas in the small tin canisters are gorgeous. I have about six of them and each is a combination of fruits and either white, green, or black teas. My favorite is a combination of peach and white tea. Yum!

  3. Your gifts are lovely! I am particularly loving your green teapot - I bet the tea tasted just fantastic coming out of that baby! :)

  4. The gifts are wonderful - a great finale to a birthday month.

  5. Those needles are gorgeous! Your teapot is super cute.

  6. Maybe a little late...but I aend my best wishes...for a great and awesome YEAR!!!

  7. That Pugg is so cute!!! I was given a glass teapot with an internal strainer for nice teas - doesn't it somehow make the tea taste nicer from a nice pot!

    I hope you get your nice knitting time in soon. It has been raining here too - and it's finally cold enough for a roaring fire. So nice to knit next to...