Sep 7, 2012

Can I Entice You?

We're in the last month of the Miranda Hat Charity KAL, and the last few months have been so inspiring seeing all the wonderful hats that knitters have taken the time to knit for either my charity, Soup Angels, or their own local charities.  A big heartfelt thank you to all who have cast on and knit along.  A few of you already sent me your hats and each is warm and wonderful.

I still need to announce the September FO prize, and I promise I'll do that next week but I just couldn't wait to share with you the Grand Prize that will be awarded to the knitter who knits the most Miranda Hats over all.  To win this amazing prize, you need to post your FOs in the monthly threads over on the Project: Stash KAL Ravelry Group -- yeah, it's that simple!

So, what is the grand prize, you ask?  When Julie Crawford and Tanis Lavallee released their gorgeous Stella Collection earlier this summer, I fell instantly and completely in love.  Each design is unique and screams to be knitted.


And if you've never knit with Tanis Fiber Arts yarn, these pieces were designed and knitted in various labels of TFA, giving you an excellent look at how beautiful Tanis' yarn is.


If this grand prize doesn't entice you to cast on more Miranda Hats for charity, I don't know what will!  

I'm so thrilled to be able to give this collection away next month, but if you can't wait or don't have the time to knit more Miranda Hats (but you do, don't you?), these patterns can be purchased via Ravelry or on the TFA Web site.


Thank you to Julie and Tanis for their generous donation of The Stella Collection to our knit along. C'mon knitters, let's get knitting!

*Photos courtesy of the designers.


  1. How wonderful! Now to get knitting more hats [I am really addicted to the Wonder blanket]!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. So enticing indeed! what a great grand prize!

  3. Those are really lovely designs. What a generous donation!

  4. Oh wow, definitely a wonderful grand prize! I think I can make one more hat at least!

  5. oh wow i hadn't come across the Stella collection! great designs and a couple will go into my faves right now. what a fabulous grand prize too!

  6. I just CO my third Miranda hat after a hiatus :O).