Oct 26, 2012

Show of Hands KAL

I've been quiet recently but that doesn't mean I haven't been knitting.  Thanks to everyone who dropped me a line to ask if I was okay as my blog has been on silent mode for the past week. Nothing major, nothing significant ... I have been a little under the weather and a little overwhelmed with life in general but my knitting has been my meditation through it all.

Today, I'm a little recharged after having a nice exchange with my dear friend Stefanie of the wonderful blog, Knitspiring Odyssey.  We've been chatting away about our love of fingerless mitts and how many beautiful patterns there are to knit.  So, one spark led to another, and we've decided to host a KAL called Show of Hands over on our group on Ravelry.

Photo - Wei Siew Leong

I hope my good friend Wei Siew doesn't mind that I nipped this gorgeous photo from her pattern page, but I wanted to give you an example of one of the patterns we're suggesting in the KAL. The KAL will begin anytime from October 27 (yup, that's tomorrow, folks) and end on November 30.  

We'll be offering prizes (announced in the coming days), inspire one another, and perhaps even get ahead on some holiday knitting.  Or do a little selfish knitting and make  pair for yourself.  

I already know which patterns I'll be knitting and I'm thinking of getting some mink yarn (yeah, you read that right) to cast on ... Join us!


  1. ooooo this might be good timing for me. I am planning some fingerless mitts for myself!

  2. I was thinking of designing some mitts for my sister's christmas gift, but I'm so busy it may not happen. If it does I'll join in though.

  3. MINK yarn? I have to know more about this!

  4. Glad you're ok. The KAL sounds interesting, wish I had more time to join you xxxxx

  5. I hope your are feeling better and glad to see knitting has still been accomplished ;)
    A KAL? Just perfect to keep me moving along with holiday knitting.

  6. Can they be mittens or do they have to be gloves/fingerless gloves?
    I have a pair of mittens I'm itching to cast on.

    1. Any type of handwarmer would be great so please join!!

  7. I've been wanting to knit some mitts, I may have to join you for this one!

  8. Of course I have no issues with you using the photo. :-) Those mitts are very popular, so they shouldn't disappoint. Have fun with the show of hands!

  9. Gulp. Count me in, for my first-ever KAL.

    Like Pumpkin, mitts are on my list, so hopefully this will make that happen.

  10. I hope you feel better soon! I don't have time for a KAL right now (I'm still waiting for the yarn for that crazy BFF cowl) But I can't wait to join you in the new year!

  11. What a great KAL idea! I love fingerless mitts, alhough I think we've already slid over to full mitten here. It got cold fast!