Jan 31, 2013

Blog Luv: Dinner: A Love Story

Admittedly, we are not all writers, but I like to believe that we are all storytellers.  My little part of the blogosphere fulfills my love of doing both but blogging can sometimes feel like a strange habit practice.  Haven't we all wondered who is out there reading our thoughts and musings?  So, when I came across Jenny's recent post on her blog Dinner:  A Love Story about why and how she writes, I was fascinated.

Cover of Jenny's book via her blog

DALS began as a personal journal of meals she prepared for her family nightly, and quickly developed into a blog and now a book.  Her nine blog rules speak to me completely although I have to say that rules number 1 and 9 are dearest to my bloggy heart.  Better is better and It all goes somewhere have become my new mantras!


  1. ooh such a lovely blog, I always love it when people blog about food!!! Have a creative day xx

  2. Sounds like a very interesting book. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  3. Thanks Evelyn for the post, I love how blogging opens so many doors and new worlds.

  4. She has a lovely aesthetic. Sometimes I think that developing your own aesthetic is one of the most interesting and challenging parts of building and maintaining a blog.