Oct 1, 2013

FO: Otherside

Just before leaving on our European holiday in August, I signed up to test-knit a new design by Melanie Berg of Mairlynd Designs.  Her new summer tank was exactly what I wanted to add to my late summer/early fall wardrobe, and the pattern didn't disappoint.

Otherside has a clever construction, and I welcomed its simplicity especially as I planned to knit this on holiday.  Wanting to be completely organized with my packing, I went in search of the perfect linen/cotton blend but I just wasn't satisfied with what I saw so I packed my needles and the pattern in hopes to find the yarn on my travels.

When we were in Barcelona, I came across a wonderful LYS steps away from the flat that we rented. I couldn't believe my luck ~ not only was All You Knit is Love filled with wonderful local yarns but the shop keeper spoke English!

I bought four skeins of Rosarios 4 Damasco which is spun in Portugal.  Two skeins were in a natural linen shade and two in a soft white, and as the pattern calls for, I knit alternate stripes throughout.

My finished top is exactly what I've been looking for ~ drapey, summery, and stylish.  

If you haven't been introduced to Melanie & her designs yet, what are you waiting for?


  1. The top is really great. I love this kind of simplicity.

    1. Sometimes we knitters need classic simplicity. : )

  2. I think I read about that yarn shop in the Knitter's Review. Lucky you!

  3. Ooh, what a lovely top. I like its drapiness and how it looks light and cool to the touch. You chose perfect neutral colors. Miranda is beautiful as always.

  4. Lovely! I can see you will get a lot of wear out of that. Good thing it's your size this time. ;-)

  5. That top is super cute, and the plain white works with it really well!

  6. Beautiful top - and gorgeous daughter! Lucky you to have such a photogenic model for your hand knits!

  7. I love the flow of the stripe just below the neckline! Lovely work!!

  8. I love it! Lovely colors! It will surely get a lot of wear and compliments!