Feb 4, 2014

Beacon Hill Revisited

A little while ago, I realized that I've never knit a sweater pattern more than once. I know, how can that be?  After all, there is an endless supply of gorgeous and well-written patterns to choose from but surely, I'm not alone ... right?

In some cases, I can see why we would knit the same pattern more than once.  A classic design in multiple colors would add a lot of versatility to a wardrobe, and a design that is flattering to a particular body type could be knit in different yarns yielding lots of great outfit options.  And then there's my reason for why I'm now knitting the Beacon Hill cardigan again.  Simply put:  I love the pure knitting of it.

The first time I knit this sweater, I was a test knitter for the uber talented Jane Richmond. I found myself enjoying this project more than any other sweater I had ever worked on.  As knitters, I'm not sure that we can always explain why we love knitting on a particular pattern, but in thinking more about this, I can say that there's a beautiful logic to the cardigan's construction, and I find the rhythm of the stitch pattern incredibly soothing.

Wanting a cozy cardigan for what feels like an endless winter, I looked around my pattern library and was happily reminded of this project so I dove into my stash and cast on.  Yes, I'm knitting with Patons Classic Wool again ~ what can I say that I haven't already said about this yarn? This is the plum heather colorway and the sweater is moving along really quickly.  Good thing, too, as New York is experiencing yet another snow storm today ... I need more knits!


  1. The texture is so beautiful. The color is very pretty.

  2. That is a beautiful sweater Evelyn.
    If I have a pattern I like I will knit it again. I just finished Ranger by Jared Flood for my grandfather and now want to cast on again for all the guys in my life.
    Stay safe and warm in this crazy winter weather.

  3. Interesting! I repeat patterns all the time, both for knitting and sewing! Love the color on this one, and that texture is fantastic.

  4. I am crazy about that color for a Beacon Hill! And the stitch definition is great! I'm glad you mentioned how you enjoyed the knitting of it so much because I have yarn for this one and hope to get it knit before summer. I really do appreciate a knit that is soothing and just feels "right" to work up.

  5. That is a beautiful cardigan! I sometimes feel bad for choosing to knit vanilla socks because there are so many great sock patterns out there to knit, however I just feel happiest knitting plain vanilla :D.

  6. Beautiful! She is so great at writing patterns with a rhythm that are a joy to knit! Just beautiful work, Evelyn.