Apr 1, 2014

Revisiting Shawls

I spent the winter knitting sweaters and socks, projects which were deeply satisfying and gave me the chance to knit down my stash.  But then there lies my new problem ... a stash of single skeins.  As I went stash diving the other day to get inspired for a new project, I couldn't help but feel a little frustrated ~ don't get me wrong, I love the yarns I've bought or been gifted over the years but it can be tough to find patterns for a mere 220 yards of this or 300 yards of that.

I came across this beautiful skein of Cephalopod Bugga in the Sharpshooter Leafhopper colorway, and I got all excited about its possibilities.  I've been thinking about knitting a Martina Behm design and have my eye on this little pretty thing.  Now that we're finally experiencing some spring-like weather, I think some shawl knitting is in order.  

If you have a favorite one-skein shawl pattern to suggest, I'd love to start firing up my queue!

P.S.  I just hopped down the instagram rabbit hole ... what an adventure! 


  1. Such beautiful yarn! Martina's patterns are great for one-skein projects. I've done her hitchhiker a few times for the same reason. Can't wait to see what you make.

  2. Martina's Hitchhiker has been on my "want to knit list" for ages! Maybe now is the time.

  3. Singleton skeins can be a challenge. Looking forward to seeing what you choose to make.

  4. Oh I covet this skein. I hear you on your issue. Husband wants me to use my staff for Christmas gifts. I've been digging deep to find enough for a scarf and infinity.

  5. Love that Bugga! The options are definitely endless and the pattern search feature on Ravelry, doesn't make things easier either, LOL! I depends if you want a lacy shawl or a textured one or a solid body with a border. That said, I really like Martina's 22 Little Clouds :)

  6. I too have those lone skeins that I wonder what to do with, a little shawl is a super idea.
    Happy knitting.