May 1, 2014

Rabbit Holes

I'm late to instagram but now I understand what all the fuss is about.  Being the visual person that I am, getting to see all your fantastic photographs of yarn and knitting and food and nature and children and dogs and cats (... and more cats), has been completely inspiring.  

It's been tough not wanting to hand-dye yarn or dash out and buy a loom or pull out all my baking supplies or go for (another) run or cast on all the things but I've resisted ... sort of.  One work-in-progress that I just couldn't put off getting onto my needles is the mitred blanket, especially the one that Georgie of Tikkiknits has been working on.  It's a real labor of love and truly beautiful. 

So, I gathered my scrap balls of yarn and started with this square knit in Duck Duck Wool's BFL DK.

I then moved on and got to three squares when I discovered my annoying mistake (yes, it's that naughty white square).

I seriously considered leaving it and as my dear friend Gail suggested, simply call it a design feature, but I knew that that one square would mock me every time I looked at it so I promptly frogged it and began anew.

I'm now almost done with my first four squares, and I'm finding this such a relaxing project.  I love checking in on all the #mitredblanket posts on instagram and knitting away on mine.  So, there you have it ~ I've managed to jump down two rabbit holes at once!


  1. Your lovely project is shaping up nicely. Am quite familiar with the Rabbit Hole Syndrome, so I'll look forward to seeing you there!

  2. This looks fun! It'll be fun to see how it looks when you put more together. I do cringe a bit at the thought of all those ends.

  3. Beautiful colors! Can't wait to see the progress you make.

  4. Isn't Instagram fun? So easy to be drawn in by all the visual inspiration to be found there. I am still trying to make heads or tails out of the use of hashtags, though LOL!

  5. How interesting. I've knit Celia's Blankie(s) by Cottage Creations, with much larger mitered squares. It looks so different with the tiny ones. Great use for leftover sock yarn.

  6. It's knitting up to be a lovely project. I love the texture in the colors of your squares. I'm glad you frogged the white square, if only for your sanity :)