Jun 1, 2014

A New Project for A New Month

Did May pass by as quickly for you as it did for me?  If today is an indicator of how quickly June will also fly by, I'm in trouble.  It's already mid-afternoon and while I've been productive (a 5k run, grocery shopping, laundry, a trip to the library to pick up this book which I'm excited to read), I still have so much on my to do list for the rest of the day!

One thing that I'm definitely going to do is swatch for my new June project with this gorgeous yarn that I picked up yesterday at my LYS.


I'm going to knit a Portico tee for the summer, and I know that this color way is going to keep me smiling all the way to the bind off. 

But what was I up to in May?  I fell down another rabbit hole and have started scrapbooking (thanks to my uber talented sister whose scrapbooks are truly a work of art).  

And I cast on a summer cardigan for Miranda of my own design.  She has an arm's length list of sweaters she'd like me to knit, and there's no way that I can refuse.  

But this afternoon, I'm going to do some knitting for my own summer wardrobe so excuse me while my ball winder calls.  


  1. Oh wow, that Arroyo colourway is gorgeous! It will be wonderful for the Portico tee, which I just added to my list of faves. Scrapbooking looks like a lot of fun. There are so many fun kits at the craft store, it is so hard to decide on what to buy. Can't wait to see your progress on both the scrapbook and Miranda's sweater. Love the open stitch pattern that you are using for it.

  2. Lovely yarn Evelyn and just right for some summer knitting.
    My sister is a huge scrapbooker [is that the right word ?] too. I tried
    scrapbooking, but am not very good.

  3. The months are passing faster and faster! Lovely new yarn. Progress on Miranda's sweater is already lovely.

  4. That color is just amazing! And I took a peek at the pattern - so you!

  5. Am intrigued and looking forward to seeing what you have planned for that wonderful yarn.

  6. That magenta yarn looks DELICIOUS!!! can´t wait to see whatyou will make with it...

  7. Now that is gorgeous yarn ... I love the colour :)

  8. This is my third try trying to comment. I dunno what happened to the first two last night, sigh.
    This color way is gorgeous. You can't go wrong with Malabrigo. Will you model your top? I'm curious to see how it sits on you.

  9. Dang Lady, you are totally productive! Exercise and education in one day, ha! I love how Miranda makes sweater requests. You have frightened me with the scrap booking, but you are a multitasker. Can't wait to see what the Malabrigo becomes! Good to read you, it's been a while. Be sure to give us a review of your book! I'm intrigued!