Sep 29, 2014

When In Doubt

As I said I would, I made a much-too-long list on Saturday in anticipation of having a full day to do anything (and apparently everything) I wanted.  Sure, household chores like doing laundry, food shopping, service the car, and re-potting plants were at the top of my list, but I also added items like at-home manicure, research and order new armchair for the apartment, and play with yarn and patterns.  

In all honesty, I got a little overwhelmed with the play with yarn and patterns part of my day.  I've got a healthy stash but it's mostly made up of single skeins which I've been tackling since last spring when I set myself the one-skein challenge, but if you're like me, sometimes my one skeins get me down.  I know, what a ridiculous problem!

So, I packed all my lovelies back into their bins and decided that I needed a small(ish), portable project to cast on with one or two of those single skeins.  Fortunately, one of my favorite designers had recently offered one of my favorite designs at a discount so I had the perfect pattern and the perfect yarns to start knitting with.

I'm keeping my Nangou shawl project in my lovely bento bag from fringe supply which has me feeling very stylish whenever I whip it out.  Oh, and as you can see, I've added a Sansevieria trifasciata (aka snake plant) to my happily growing collection of houseplants.


  1. What a great pattern! Looking forward to seeing more of this one!

  2. Oh that is lovely! You've already got me thinking about the yarn in my stash...