Oct 9, 2011

Time + Energy = Mastery

After adding a few more patterns to my queue on Ravelry last night, I turned to Miranda and said "Ohhh, there are just too many designs I want to knit."  She laughed and just rolled her eyes (in a nice way, I assure you) but I was serious.  I AM serious.  

I have a blogger friend, Wei,  who lives half-way around the world and she recently posted a piece on her blog that spoke to my heart.  I know that many of us lament about not having enough time to do the things we want.  For those of us who are trying to become better (fill in the blank here -- knitters, weavers, cooks, musicians, painters, writers), time can often feel like a gift and not one that we are always able to give to ourselves. On top of the time issue is the physical energy required to master that thing we love to do.  Just before reading Wei's blog post, I also read this one by Julie who wrote a very moving piece about the death of Steve Jobs.  If you haven't read his Stanford University commencement speech, you should.  It will inspire you to take your passion, your vision, and put it out there in the world.  

I know, this is all pretty heady stuff for a knitting blog but I know that I'm not alone in thinking about how much we want to get better at our craft and how time and energy is the only way we can become masters of that thing. Like Wei, I try to choose patterns and projects that are going to take me to that next level.  But  I am also very aware of how tiring that can be. (Remember my post about mindless knitting?  It does have its place).  My fingers do ache when I'm working on an unfamiliar stitch and like I mentioned in my post Mood Changer, knitting can make me feel elated or frustrated. But I'm in this for the long haul, and I hope that the time + energy I put into my knitting does actually make me the master that I long to be.


  1. I've just read Wei's post and it does make you think. I enjoy to do many things, but for me I enjoy crochet as a means of relaxation and creativeness. I can't allow myself to see it as more than that as I fear I would lose my enjoyment. I constantly see things on other people's blogs which I wish I could make, my list is endless thank goodness I don't write these things down, as hopefully some get forgotten and my life is not laden down with the 'list' I am quick to set myself many goals but even quicker to get cross with myself when I don't achieve them, but actually I get more done than if I didn't set a bar. Each Christmas for instance I have a picture of domestic goddessness, think stuff from magazine pages and on Christmas eve I'm still wondering what else I could tick off my list! However I do get more done each year so will continue to work at it!

    It is great to aspire to thingall and know that while you do, you are an inspiration to others even when you're not aware of it.I am blown away by some of the beautiful projects you have done

  2. Isn't it funny how two people so far away from each other can be thinking very similar things. Thanks for such a sweet post. :-) Don't worry - you will be the master you want to be. And thank you for pointing out Julie's blog. I liked her post!

  3. Such is the condition for all true "artists". It is a definitely a process which brings emotions for growth - sometimes easily and other times through adversity LOL Thanks for keeping me thinking!

    denyse dar from blogtoberfest
    your life is a work of art!