Feb 1, 2012

Kickin' It Old School

I love my blog.  I love to blog.  And email?  I don't know how I lived before without it.  But anyone who knows me knows that in my heart of hearts, I'm really a luddite. There is nothing more meaningful or satisfying to me than working with my hands, using the creative side of my brain, and creating something that is useful (and pretty).

Over the weekend, our friends Alexandra and Jerry came over for dinner (yes, Alexandra of the upcoming original cowl pattern fame). Alexandra wanted to see some of my WIPs and FOs which then got us chatting about yarn, knitting, and simply making things by hand.  I told her about the DIY Christmas gifts I hand-made last year like the eucalyptus laundry detergent, the lavender bath soaks, the lemon verbena liquid soap, and the various knitted goodies I gifted friends and family.

Alexandra then said that she would want me on her wagon trail.  My friend Susan has also said that to me and, frankly, I'm flattered.  So, what does that mean?  It means that those of us who create things with our hands (like you amazing knitters, crocheters, spinners, dyers, and weavers) have basic skills for basic survival.  Oh, that sounds so dramatic but you know what I mean.  To spin wool into yarn and to knit yarn into a garment is incredibly simple but also incredibly profound.  It's an old school craft that relies solely on our own hands and the simplest of tools.

Alexandra's and Susan's comments got me thinking about how much I love relying on my own abilities, and I thank them for that.  So, when I came across this new challenge, I couldn't resist jumping in. I'm committing to write a letter to a friend once a month for 2012 so that I can kick it old school when it comes to nurturing my friendships and remind myself that I don't want to lose the art of letter writing.  My sister, Esther, is an incredible artist and she makes the most lovely cards so I'll definitely be using her hand-made beauties in this challenge. U.S. postage just went up but for 45 cents, I can't imagine a less expensive (and meaningful) way to stay in touch with those I love.  Care to kick it old school with me?


  1. I am kicking it old school already! I write a letter to my granddaughters every week and I am now adding my 93 year old Grandmother to that routine also. Really, the price of a stamp is still a bargain. Good luck with your writing adventure!

  2. When we were active in genealogy we had a cousin [aged 92] who love to correspond with family lore in each letter.
    She passed away a couple of years ago and our letter exchange creased . . . . .
    I attempt to send cards now and again. Perhaps this would be a good time to re-commit to the practice.

  3. You are so good. I get anal about the way my penmanship looks.
    Your sis makes great cards.

  4. I actually collect adorable cards from my local used bookstore. Whenever I see a cute one I pick it up with the intent of sending it to a friend for a bit of random cheer. Yet somehow I only ever do it once or twice a year. So, as you can imagine, I have a whole box of these cute cards under my bed! Maybe I should hop on the bandwagon... Of course, excluding January.

  5. I love, love, love writing letters. Although I certainly need to make a commitment to do it more. Perhaps I'll join you in your fantastic new challenge!

  6. I used to write reams of letters before the advent of email. There was something very therapeutic about putting pen to pretty paper (of course it had to be nice stationery!) My handwriting skills have deteriorated so much these days that my scribbles look like ants have crawled through ink and across the page... anyone who got a letter from me would have to get out a magnifying glass. I think your aim is great though. There's nothing nicer than receiving a letter in the post.

  7. Ooh, thanks for sharing. I'm going to do this too. I have recently returned to writing holiday cards and thank you notes after a few years without, and it definitely is worthy of continuing.

  8. Hey, I'm participating in this challenge, too!
    Maybe one month we might try to write a letter to each other, the old school way! take care!