Mar 2, 2012

Question of the Day

What do I want my blog to be when it grows up?

I'm nearing my one-year anniversary on Project: Stash, and I've been thinking a lot about what my blog means to me and how I've grown so much over the past year because you all have become such wonderful friends.  

I stumbled upon this post the other day and as it spoke to what I've been thinking about, I'm joining in to share what I want my blog to be when it grows up. One thing I know for certain is that this blog will probably never really grow up; blogging is such an evolutionary practice and as I've watched your blogs morph and grow, I know that this is what blogging is all about.  When I started, I mainly wanted to be part of the ever-growing conversation that you knitters were already having.  I was so inspired by what I was reading and seeing on your blogs, and I simply wanted to play, too.

Now that I've found my voice, so to speak, I'm ready to try this exercise which is to name the top five things I want for my blog so here I go:

  1. I want to grow my community:  Each time I get introduced to a new blog, I get excited and look forward to reading more from this person.  Each time I get a comment from an old or new reader, I feel happy to have made a connection.  I would really love to build my online community further which, in just a few short months, has led to some meaningful friendships already.
  2. I want to knit challenging projects:  While my first proper cardigan has taken me much longer than I had hoped (I'm almost finished, folks!), I'm excited to commit to knitting out of my comfort zone, both in color and in pattern.
  3. I want to improve my photography:  I've been happy with my photography so far but I really need to read my camera manual!  I know that my terrific little camera has so much more to offer if I would only read that damn manual.
  4. I want to do more charity knitting:  I have always done charity knitting in amongst my gift- and self-knitting, but I want do do more.  
  5. I want to design more:  I'd really like to push myself to design original patterns as I know this would help make me a better knitter.  
So there you have it:  my hopes and aspirations for Project: Stash.  Thanks to Thistlewood Farm for this great idea.  What do you want your blog to grow up to be?


  1. Charity knitting is an awesome concept! I head up our mitten tree project each winter at church. This year's tree was covered in all sorts of handmade items. So, this idea may be taking off. It was so great to see..and a double gift. The item itself plus the time/love that went into it.

  2. Interesting! My one-year is coming up too, and I've been wondering if/what I should do to commemorate it.

    I'm always inspired by how thoughtful/mindful you are in your blogging. You always seem to articulate things I also feel but don't have words for!

  3. I love this post! You get it! This is EXACTLY what this party is all about. I love the idea of charity knitting and designing your own patterns is wonderful.

    Thanks for the inspiration and for linking up.

    PS I don't think my blog will really ever grow up either :)

  4. A great list! I think that you will be able to improve in all of those areas in no time. I want to adopt it myself because each of those things are so meaningful! I'll admit that I'm also guilty of not reading the camera manual, let's make a promise to start on that this month!

  5. I love your grow and to be challenged. Isn't that what we all want? And to give more back. Beautiful thoughts. Patty

  6. What a great list! I know I'm guilty of never reading my camera manual. The sad part of it is I had my boyfriend find it online and email it to me, but it's just been sitting in my inbox for the last month.

  7. A wonderful list. I love reading your blog and I can't wait to see it grow. Thanks for sharing the link - I may have to check into that myself :).

  8. You've certainly given me a lot to think about Evelyn.
    Your list is so focused and real. I love it. Some of your points ring out to me.

  9. What a wonderful, concise and measurable list of blog goals! And, really, who can read that camera manual? Isn't it like a 1,000+ page PDF file ...?


    So happy you shared your blog goals and dreams here ... and then linked them up to our linky party!


  10. Spot on, as usual! Including your thoughts, another thing I find interesting about blogging about knitting is that it's a visual record of the improvement of one's skills. Quite a nice way to see how far one has come.

    I have a reasonably clear goal for my blog, but how I present that information changes, and I suspect it's about to change again. How much, I'm not sure, but it's quite exciting to think of the possibilities.

    Here's to another year of happy blogging!

  11. Since I can't even sew a button - I really appreciate your knitting skills! Wish I could whip me up a cardigan but it would probably have 3 arms!

    Love that you're giving back through a bit of charitable work - applause to you!

    Thanks so much for joining our party! New GFC follower.

  12. I love all of the goals that you listed. I think that you will achieve every single one of them this year! I really haven't thought about how I want my blog to progress. One thing that I would like to do is to introduce more variety in my post topics. Maybe add book/music reviews or cooking recipes. Learning to take better pictures is also a long term goal of mine.

  13. Sounds like you blog is going to grow up to be amazing! Wonderful goals you have set for it. XO

  14. I just got a new camera and should probably read the manual. I Love your list, I think that those are all very realistic goals and that you will be able to achieve them all if you set your mind to it. I've been wondering a lot lately about what I really want from my blog, and you hit the spot with your comments about the knitting community. That's what I always strive for-- trying to think of conversation starters and ideas that the I'm wondering about. Can't wait to see where you blog goes in the future. :)

  15. cute blog and a lady after my own heart. We want to make something right? can't wait to hear about your newest projects

  16. i love your blog goals! i'm also happy to have discovered your blog. thanks for connecting us! i'm looking forward to following along!

  17. I love your goals, especially #4, I didn't even know charity knitting existed!

  18. I so laughed when I read this post! I seem to question the existence of my blog every year, and every year my blog morphs into something new and different. Blogs grow with your abilities, be they knitting, photography, working on your home, working on your SELF, whatever! That is the fabulous thing about blogging - you see the small changes in your life over the years that you otherwise may never notice.

  19. I had a blog for years and it is a process, ever growing, but that stands to reason since we are ever growing and changing. I took a few years off from blogging and I'm rediscovering how much I missed it and the community I was a part of!

  20. these are all awesome goals! i love teh idea of charity knitting!

  21. It was so fun to read your goals. So sorry it has taken me so long to come by. I love the idea of kitting for charity and congrats on the cardigan...that is so cool! Can't wait to see it.
    Thanks so much for linking up to our party!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog