Mar 15, 2012

Question of the Day

What's Your Go To Yarn?

If you've been reading Project: Stash for a while, you know that there are certain yarns I return to again and again.  I'm a huge fan of Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, and Berocco as you saw in my post yesterday. These are yarns that I gravitate towards whenever I'm in my LYS, sometimes because of price, sometimes because of color, but always because of texture.

Some of you mentioned that you haven't knitted with Berocco Vintage yet and wondered what I thought about it so today I want to give a little yarn review to go along with the progress on my new Caramel cardigan.

My Caramel Cardigan

In a nutshell, I love BV -- it's a blend of wool, acrylic, and nylon and while I'm really trying to knit only with natural fibers, there are some yarns that add a bit of acrylic which gives the fabric a nice even texture.  BV is also generous, both in its yardage and in its cost.  Finally, the color palette isn't plentiful but its more than decent so I tend to find a color that I like enough to knit a project with.

So, what are you looking at here? I'm showing you the wrong side of the cardigan because I love the construction of the side seam.  This is where the sleeve begins and the side seam is created by P1, K1, SM, K1, P1 on the right side.  It makes this nice even seam down the side of the cardigan without having to actually sew the seam (a major plus in my book!).

I'm enjoying knitting this cardigan a lot -- there's a ton of stockinette but it makes for a relaxing knit especially while watching a film or listening to my audiobook (which, by the way, I'm enjoying a lot).  I haven't been turned off by the narrator's voice like Pumpkin was and its premise of brutality among children during the games is overshadowed by the love and friendships that are developed in spite of the games.

I now leave you with two of my somewhat massive projects knit in BV.  I'd love to hear what your go to yarns are -- you know me, I'm always looking to add to my stash!

Flowers in the Snow Afghan
Missoni-inspired Afghan


  1. My go-to yarns have evolved. It used to be I shopped mostly at the big box stores, so I used a lot of Lion Brand. It is serviceable yarn, but now I really crave wool or alpaca. I have graduated to Lamb's Pride, Berroco and, now Malabrigo. I just finished a cowl using Malabrigo worsted and it was such a pleasure to knit with that yarn. I also loved working with Berroco Alpaca and Boboli.
    As for Vintage.... I got a great deal on ebay on some green/yellow Vintage but I haven't got it out for inspiration. Your post has got me to thinkin I should pull it out and swatch.... thanks!!!

  2. I don't really have a go-to yarn. I almost never use the same yarn more than twice! I do like the Vintage though, it's soft!

  3. For me it really depends on things like what weight of yarn and things like that. For sock yarn I love all that Younger Yarn has to offer (Younger Yarn can be found on etsy) as well as Nerd Girl Yarns. For DK weight my all-time love is Alina Shea Creations Smooshy Sheep (this shop can also be found on etsy). For heavier yarns I love Malabrigo, Manos del Uruguay and Misty Alpaca. I'm also a huge fan of handspun yarns. They are all so unique!

  4. I actually have 1 skein of BV sitting in my stash...I think I bought it for a hat, but I really have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I usual go-to yarn is Plymouth Galway, which is the cheap, 100% wool yarn that my LYS stocks in a BUNCH of different colors.

  5. I LOVE Berocco Vintage. Seriously love it. If it was more readily available it would probably be my go-to. (My nearest yarn shop is a 40 minute drive) Instead my go-to is probably Patons Classic Wool. Just because I can pick it up in town and I can trust that it is nice quality for a decent price.

  6. Well you know my answer to that question, my favorite yarn will probably always be Ultra Alpaca, although I'm also partial to anything Madelinetosh as well. Thanks for the great overview of Vintage, you are certainly not the only one who really likes it. I am also really fascinated by that seam construction, although anything that does not involve traditional seaming is fantastic in my book. Also, I'm glad to see the awesome afghan has made another appearance on the blog, I seriously love that project.

  7. Oh go-to list?
    Malabrigo Rios, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted or Bulky, Spud & Chloe Sweater, Cascade 220 Superwash, & Madelinetosh.

  8. My go to yarn is actually Berroco Vintage. I think it's so versatile for almost any project. Have you seen the newest colors?<a href=">LINK</a>
    They make me love the yarn even more. As for other yarns, I haven't tried many but maybe I'll start branching out soon.

  9. I'm mostly a sock knitter
    so tend to knit with SWMerino/Nylon blend in a fingering weight.

  10. Great question! My go to yarn is Malabrigo (love that stuff), Debbie Bliss cashmerino, and Cascade 220.

  11. Go to yarn would have to be Cascade. I love it for everything!
    But then again I do love my Madeline Tosh. :)

  12. Ohh-I would say Cascade is my trusted go to brand. It can be found in plenty at just about every yarn store around here as it is a local company. My other go to yarn is Myra's hand dyed dk weight merino wool. Myra's stuff is a dream to knit with, the skeins are a generous amount and for a hand dyed yarn, very reasonably priced--she can be found here:

    Thanks for sharing about the Berocco Vintage. It looks lovely in your sweater and is one I will keep my eye out. I typically stay away from acrylic but if you recommend it, I will try it for sure. :)

  13. Beautiful projects! I always love seeing those blankets.

    I think my favourite yarn is pretty much anything by Artesano. I haven't found one I didn't love yet.

  14. Hmm. Interesting question! I was trying to think the other day about which yarns I had used more than once, and it was hard to remember! I think Zealana yarns in general are my go-to (judging from how much I use them!), and I usually try to see if I can do anything with those yarns before I look at others. After that, The Wool Company Perendale (similar to Cascade) and Merino Possum would be used next. I'd have to say that Noro is one of my absolute favourite too. Your cardigan is looking good!

  15. Good to read your reviews. (And the projects look great.) I'm knitting with Berrocco Vintage, worsted weight, for the first time. It's working up nicely. I agree--excellent value. And I'm very satisfied that is feels quite wool-like!