Mar 12, 2012


Hmmm, my posts of late make it seem that instead of knitting, I've been spending all my time frogging and returning yarns to my stash. There are so many of you who are writing about working through your stash and some of you extremists out there are even trying to stay on a yarn diet!

As my family knows, I could open my own LYS right here in my house but that doesn't stop me from adding to my wonderful stash. Whenever I come across a sale or a custom color, I find it hard to resist just picking up one little skein (or two ... alright, even three).

But in my defense (not that I'm ever defensive about supporting yarn stores or indie companies), I can make tough decisions, too.  I haven't yet frogged this cardigan but will when I next have a solid hour or so to tackle it -- remember, it took twelve skeins!  I did frog this project though when it became obvious that the pattern just wasn't working out.

While I was sad to see so much work unravel, it was also satisfying to see this pretty yarn become these lovely cakes again.

I have two more skeins in addition to these three cakes so there's plenty to cast on for a pullover or shrug or large shawl.  This isn't a color I would typically wear but it's such nice yarn and spring is almost here.  I'm always looking for new patterns suggestions so feel free to inspire me!


  1. Sorry to hear that you are having cardigan issues, but I bet that pink yarn will make something great when you decide to knit with it!

  2. You'll find something even betta to knit up out of those skeins.

  3. I'm fresh out of ideas in the cardigan department. I'm on super sock therapy right now while recovering from my own cardigan troubles. Does it ever bother you how once you unravel certain yarns they just never look quite the same even once you knit them up again?

  4. These sure are beautiful cakes! I should not have to buy much yarn this year since I'm in the TFA club, have 2 skeins of sock yarn to work and I want to use up as much as I can of my leftovers! We will see!

  5. Unknitting something takes courage. I'm betting that your next project with the yarn will be a keeper!

  6. You're right, those cakes are yummy.
    Better luck next time.

  7. I love that little stack of yarn cakes. I just got a swift last week. I love spinning little yarn cakes. a little addicted. I'm looking for yarn to turn into cakes all week long!

    The colour on that yarn is lovely. I would make a sweater (or 2) for my girls.

  8. Did you wind them straight into cakes or did you sort of rinse and allow them to hang dry to get the kinks out?
    Just wondering because I've been having issues with some frogged yarn.

    1. I always frog straight from failed garment to my swifter and then onto my ballwinder. I haven't had any issues with kinks in the yarn and with soaking and blocking, the new FO typically looks great.

  9. AS long as you have the storage space, stash away!! I'm so impressed with your ability to frog- it's the perfect form of yarn recycling- if the knit isn't something you'll wear or use, you might as well use that wonderful yarn for something else! I think it's awesome.