May 24, 2012

Dueling Shawls

In keeping with my two commitments to knit only from my stash and to have only two or three projects on my needles, I find myself with dueling shawls.

Oaklet in Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label, Truffle

I've got a third shawl-in-the-making on another pair of needles but that's one I'm designing myself so there's not much to show just yet. I'm glad to have these shawls to work on as each is a well-written and relaxing pattern. More than that, I've been having a bit of wrist strain over the last week and mixing up my knitting has helped a lot (thanks for the suggestion, Wei Siew).

I'm knitting with Red Lace US5 for the Oaklet in fingering weight, and I think my hands and wrists are much happier knitting with larger needles and thicker yarn. While I truly love the delicacy of fingering weight yarn, I find that my hands aren't as relaxed as when I'm knitting with DK or worsted weight.  The Amari is flying -- the silk blend is a huge part of the reason why -- and I noticed last night that my hands and wrists didn't ache while knitting it.

I'm going to keep alternating my WIPs. This will keep both shawls humming along and keep my wrists happy.  I'd love to hear any other suggestions on how to relieve wrist strain so please let me know.

If you're in the mood to knit a shawl, too, I'm hosting an Amari Shawl KAL, and there's already a nice group of friendly and enthusiastic knitters chatting over here so grab some yarn and join us!


  1. I wish I could help with wrist strain, but I've never had that problem :( But both of those shawls are coming along so nicely!

  2. Evelyn, your shawl knitting is lovely, but then everything you knit is always so pretty. Have a great day!

  3. I get wrist strain sometimes and I agree that mixing it up does help. Knitting on circular needles in the round definitely helps for me. You are certainly enjoying your shawl knitting right now. I don't blame you one bit either, they are fun to knit.

  4. Crochet with RaymondMay 24, 2012 at 2:58 PM

    they are both lovely but I love the stitch definition in the second shawl, it is going to be so gorgeous and snuggly!
    I'm still getting there with my wholehearted, well coming last in the KAL! I'm making it huge however, and the pattern now looks like a completely different shawl, but that is fine!
    Have a lovely weekend X

  5. Excellent advice you received. Both shawls are looking equally lovely!

  6. Perhaps it's the silk that makes it lovely to knit.

  7. I repinned on Pinterest a blog post that shows you 5 exercises for stretches and for relieving knitting pain. I have it under tutorials: knitting.
    It's so hard to focus on multiple projects. I think tho having at least two is good in case you get sick of one for the day.

  8. Sometimes I find that switching in some crochet helps to relieve the wrist stress (not amigurumi crochet, but granny squares etc). Its so different that it really relaxes my wrists, more than switching between types of needles. Crochet isn't my go to craft but it does help.

    I really love the colors you are using for both shawls. I wish I had a skein of that Tanis Fiber Arts in Truffle yarn!

  9. I'm glad the suggestion helped. :-) I can't wait to see the finished shawls!

  10. Try these exercises from FreshStitches:

    I also find that switching it up between knitting and crocheting helps a lot. (Perhaps the Flowers in the Snow afghan is calling to you??)